This was one of our first projects here at the new NTK Fabrication location. We also consider it to be the most important project to date. As a long time fabricator Ernesto had some ideas of what capabilities he expected from a frame table. More importantly, he knew exactly what he did not want. The typical steel plate table top just wasn't going to cut it. Jason stepped in and started on the design process. Within a few hours and after a few ideas were tossed around, this straight and sturdy table was on its way to being built.

The unique gap design allows us to securely fasten any project big or small to the table: not only snugly but square as well. The idea was to create a user friendly, efficient fabrication table. After having a few projects run through the shop their is no doubt in our minds that we achieved what we set out to accomplish. I know Ernesto loves it and with the way it cuts down build time we know our customers will too.